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The VEIVERIŲ trademark has been known in Lithuania since 1995.
Veiverių Skonis is a successfully growing company producing mayonnaise and other sauces and dressings. We go only for the best results and premium quality products, and put all our effort in mutually beneficial and long-term business relationships with our customers.
We constantly expand our range of products to offer our customers superior selection. We regularly research the market to get a timely insight into the latest market trends.
Our technologists keep on developing new recipes to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers and, most importantly, to make it possible for our customers to enrich their daily and holiday dishes with the finest flavors.
Veiverių Skonis employs only highly qualified and skilled specialists. The priceless experience of our team along with exceptional attention to customers’ needs and preservation of traditional values are the cornerstone of the overall success of the company.